Norwest Engine Rebuilders Inc.
9807 Thatcher Ave
North Battleford, SK S9A 3W1
Phone: 306-446-2001

Products and Services

We are a full-service engine machine shop, specializing in rebuilding and machining gas and diesel cylinder heads and engines.


Our shop is housed with a complete line of top-quality engine rebuilding equipment for most domestic, foreign, agricultural, heavy-duty, and oilfield engines. Our trained technicians and industry-leading equipment right here in the Battlefords can help you with the following services:

Engine Rebuilding

Engine Rebuilding

We replace all the necessary components for rebuild and assemble all components with new parts to achieve a quality product with maximum reliability.

Engine Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Signs you may need a cylinder head repair is if your engine is overheating, coolant leaks, engine misfiring, rubbery odor inside the car or you are noticing smoke from your exhaust.

Engine Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshaft Grinding

The first thing we would do is inspect your crankshaft to see what repairs are needed. Measure the crankshaft to factor specifications also checking for straightness. Then we will determine if your crankshaft only needs polishing, or if it needs grinding as well.

Engine Setting Valves
We Also Do:
  • Complete Valve Jobs
  • Surface Grinding
  • Crack Detection for Cranks
  • Con-Rod Reconditioning
  • Kingpin Fitting
  • Align Boring
  • Cylinder Reboring
  • Flywheel Grinding

If you need to inquire about any of our services listed above, call (306) 446-2001